Alain Rauscher

Co-Founder, Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer

Alain is the Co-Founder, CEO and a Managing Partner. He is a member of both the Executive Committee and the Investment Committee.

In addition to overseeing the Antin Group’s development and shaping its strategy together with Mark Crosbie, Alain Rauscher holds board seats for Fund III portfolio company IDEX and for Fund IV portfolio company Eurofiber. He held board seats for four of Fund I’s portfolio companies: Pisto, Axión, FPS Towers and Bina Istra, Fund II portfolio companies Eurofiber and Inicea and Fund III portfolio company Almaviva.

Alain is also Chairman of the Infrastructure Roundtable at Invest Europe (formerly EVCA) and a board member of France Invest, a body which represents French private equity in the national economy.



Alain held several investment banking positions at BNP Paribas Corporate Finance, Lazard Frères and Lehman Brothers. He began his career with Bain & Company.