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Founding principles

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Professionals join Antin to become part of a collective effort to grow a successful firm.

Team members invest personal wealth alongside investors, which aligns interests and creates an environment of teamwork and joint responsibility.

We expect management teams to invest significant amounts alongside Antin.

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Antin’s investment process is built on collective decision-making. The Investment Committee only approves decisions after review by all Managing Partners and Partners.

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The same team remains responsible for each investment from acquisition through to realisation. This breeds accountability from entry to exit.

Management teams are accountable for running the day-to-day operations and ESG items are included in management appraisals.

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Risk management and prudence are at the core of Antin’s investment decision-making process.

Prudent asset selection is a key component of our investment strategy and we invest in less than ten percent of all reviewed opportunities.

All capital expenditure must be reviewed and approved by our Investment Committee.